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Farm Animal Sanctuaries


Farm animal sanctuaries are safe havens for animals who have endured the victimization of factory farming. Visiting a sanctuary is an absolute must for anyone truly devoted to animal protection. The opportunity to meet a cow face-to-face or rub the belly of a pig is an incredibly moving experience. Very few animals trapped in factory farms and our food system ever experience freedom, but sanctuaries offer an island of kindness in this sea of cruelty.


Inspiration And Practical Advice

Farm Animal Sanctuary

This article offers comprehensive information on every detail of starting a farm animal sanctuary:

Farm Sanctuary has been providing lifelong, loving care for farmed animals since 1986. Because animals used for food production are rarely provided individual care on factory farms, our shelters have become pioneers in the care and treatment of farmed animals. We have developed many effective treatments and care procedures for ailments that are common in factory farmed animals. Learn more here. 

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Many in the animal rights movement aspire to have an animal sanctuary. Bede Carmody began having such ambitions a few years after joining Animal Liberation in Sydney, Australia at the start of 1994 when he stopped eating meat. Twenty years later he is living the dream, having opened A Poultry Place in 2001. Here he offers advice and lessons learned for those who want to follow a similar path.

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