Nominate Earthling Ed To Speak AT Ted Talks

I am spreading this message far and wide so we can get a bunch of people nominating Earthling Ed for a Ted Talk. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Once we get Earthling Ed on, we can work on nominating other vegan activists.

Here is the link to nominate:

Here are some things that will help you to easily fill out the nomination:

His full name is Ed Winters

Here is something that Sorraya offered to fill in the application. 

*Occupation*: Animal rights activist

Why are you recommending them? Earthling Ed is a passionate vegan animal rights activist doing work to change the world’s perception of nonhuman animals and get people to question their morals when it comes to their diet, fashion, entertainment, pets, and scientific experimentation. He is smart, fearless, logical, and fair, and he is a riveting speaker that would unquestionably move audiences to understand implications of their actions and inspire compassion toward all earthlings no matter their species. He is one of the activists at the forefront of the vegan movement and deserves a large platform like TED to gain a wider audience to spread his message.

What might their talk be about? The ethics, environmental impact and health impacts of eating animals. TED supports ideas that are smart, new, and potentially life-changing, and a talk by Earthling Ed would only further broaden the scope of TED talks offered to set a new paradigm about the way we see nonhuman animals.

*Categories*: Education, Environment, Food/ Agriculture Has this person spoken publicly before? Earthling Ed has given many talks to the public around the UK as a part of his activism, including schools. He is unquestionably fit to give a talk in front of a live audience.

An Excellent video: youtube video:

Earthling Ed website:


List Of Animal Sanctuaries

We are going to contact all of these farm animal sanctuaries to see if they might like to start another or if they know of someone who wants to start one.

Sanctuaries on the Call to Rescue film










Directory of Farm Animal Sanctuary

Directory of Sanctuaries

Directory of Sanctuaries

Directory of Sanctuaries

Misc. sanctuaries

New Moon Farm:


Details about the property

I need to sell this beautiful land, log home, and barn to raise funds for the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage which is located 7 minutes away.  Initially, my generous benefactress and I thought we could make this into an event or retreat center, but we realized that I needed to focus on developing my lifelong dream of living in an intentional community.

Thus, you, a potential buyer, will be doing two hugely beneficial things:

  • Providing start-up funds for the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage
  • Providing the first vegan retreat center and/or farm animal sanctuary in the Ozarks and all of Arkansas

Plus, we can be neighbors and support each other in all kinds of ways!

Are you the perfect fit for buying this amazing property? Let’s find out!

Here is a summary of the details

You can find out more here. 

Selling price: $425,000

Address: 225 Madison 3469 Huntsville, AR 72740

About 1/4 mile off of a well maintained paved highway for easy access

Acreage is 14.67:  All lake view.

About half potential pasture land and half forest with roads going throughout

Owners are the only one with access to the land.

Taxes $1671 per year


Log house and Attached Basement Apartment

Total square footage (including garage and utility room) Approximately 3600

4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms in the two-story main house

2 Bedrooms/1 bathroom in the downstairs apartment

Log House

All bedrooms in log house have beautiful views of property and lake

2  master bedrooms downstairs

Master bedroom 1: large walk-in closet, full bathroom

Master bedroom 2: shower in the bathroom, tiny closet,

2 extra large bedrooms upstairs with 2 walk-in closets in each one 1 1 bathroom

Laundry room with washer and dryer

Spacious pantry

Heat is electric and propane

Air conditioning electric

Downstairs apartment

 2 small bedrooms with shared connecting closet (no windows in the bedrooms)

Large living room with lots of windows and prepped for a kitchen.

1 full bathroom  (bathtub, shower)

Tile floors


Laminated floors. Look like wood. They are in very good shape and easy to care for. We even have some brand new replacements if damaged.

Central forced heat and air: heat is propane and electric. Air is electric

Double paned  windows

Spacious dining room

Open kitchen next to the dining room 

Lots of counter space

Wood floors.

Modern stove/oven

Frig upstairs and downstairs

Additional spaces

2 car garage

Utility room  that can serve as a storm shelter


40’X60’ Metal building

High ceiling where a loft could be built

Bathroom: toilet and sink with potential for shower


2 Windows

Large garage door with a narrow window which let in light

Concrete slab

Utility sink

Kitchen: stove and some shelves

20-foot long workbench

14 wide 14 high garage door automatic roll up with garage door opener big enough for RV.

one entry door,

17 feet high at the middle

12 feet high side walls


Pond: 15′ x 30′

  •    4 feet deep when full
  •    Has a slow leak above 2 feet
  •    Spring fed.

4 springs 

40 percent forest but most of the forest is on the hillsides.

60 cleared slightly sloping as well as some steep slopes


Small food forest with a fence: fruit trees and guilds started

Permaculture design started.

Hugelkultur bed and other beds in the front yard.

Native plants all over the property.

You can find out more here. 




Lots of Retreat Centers and Special Places Within Driving Distance

St Scholastica
Buddhist Retreat Center and Community:
Sustainable Living Training center:
 Institute for Sacred Activism


One year ago on March 15, 2017, I moved into this beautiful log house. It has been such a wonderful place of healing and productivity for me. How did this miracle come about?

My dear friend who was generously funding the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage project (previously known as Jesus Vegans Ecovillage), agreed to buy this home and 14 acres of land.   I thought it would be easier for her to move here when the time was right for her.

Because her coming was delayed, I decided to try to make the place pay for itself by becoming a retreat center.

As excited as I was to develop this into a retreat center, I realized that I was straying away from my original life-long dream, to build an eco-village.

My friend and I have agreed that it would be best if we can sell this to someone who could make this into both a retreat center and a farm animal sanctuary.

The inspiring memories of living in this beautiful home are so many! Check this out. You will see how lovely a space this is for so many activities.


I am working with my friend, Scott (Sky) Masters, to develop a webinar presentation. I might be traveling to share the presentation as well. Robert Kersbergen, my former husband, will be taking care of the paperwork for the buying process.

We hope to sell this place as soon as possible. Our dream is that there is someone out there who is eagerly looking for a place with all the amazing qualities that this magical place has to offer.



I really hope that you think this is just the right place for you to fulfill your dreams. I can’t wait to meet you! We will be neighbors and able to help each other in so many ways I am sure!