Nominate Earthling Ed To Speak AT Ted Talks

I am spreading this message far and wide so we can get a bunch of people nominating Earthling Ed for a Ted Talk. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? Once we get Earthling Ed on, we can work on nominating other vegan activists.

Here is the link to nominate:

Here are some things that will help you to easily fill out the nomination:

His full name is Ed Winters

Here is something that Sorraya offered to fill in the application. 

*Occupation*: Animal rights activist

Why are you recommending them? Earthling Ed is a passionate vegan animal rights activist doing work to change the world’s perception of nonhuman animals and get people to question their morals when it comes to their diet, fashion, entertainment, pets, and scientific experimentation. He is smart, fearless, logical, and fair, and he is a riveting speaker that would unquestionably move audiences to understand implications of their actions and inspire compassion toward all earthlings no matter their species. He is one of the activists at the forefront of the vegan movement and deserves a large platform like TED to gain a wider audience to spread his message.

What might their talk be about? The ethics, environmental impact and health impacts of eating animals. TED supports ideas that are smart, new, and potentially life-changing, and a talk by Earthling Ed would only further broaden the scope of TED talks offered to set a new paradigm about the way we see nonhuman animals.

*Categories*: Education, Environment, Food/ Agriculture Has this person spoken publicly before? Earthling Ed has given many talks to the public around the UK as a part of his activism, including schools. He is unquestionably fit to give a talk in front of a live audience.

An Excellent video: youtube video:

Earthling Ed website:


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