One year ago on March 15, 2017, I moved into this beautiful log house. It has been such a wonderful place of healing and productivity for me. How did this miracle come about?

My dear friend who was generously funding the Vegan Utopia Ecovillage project (previously known as Jesus Vegans Ecovillage), agreed to buy this home and 14 acres of land.   I thought it would be easier for her to move here when the time was right for her.

Because her coming was delayed, I decided to try to make the place pay for itself by becoming a retreat center.

As excited as I was to develop this into a retreat center, I realized that I was straying away from my original life-long dream, to build an eco-village.

My friend and I have agreed that it would be best if we can sell this to someone who could make this into both a retreat center and a farm animal sanctuary.

The inspiring memories of living in this beautiful home are so many! Check this out. You will see how lovely a space this is for so many activities.


I am working with my friend, Scott (Sky) Masters, to develop a webinar presentation. I might be traveling to share the presentation as well. Robert Kersbergen, my former husband, will be taking care of the paperwork for the buying process.

We hope to sell this place as soon as possible. Our dream is that there is someone out there who is eagerly looking for a place with all the amazing qualities that this magical place has to offer.



I really hope that you think this is just the right place for you to fulfill your dreams. I can’t wait to meet you! We will be neighbors and able to help each other in so many ways I am sure!


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